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Bomarko, Inc. is a leading producer of medical and flexible packaging. Bomarko has earned the reputation of being the lowest overall cost supplier of value added packaging. The reason is that our people really listen. We will clearly understand your objectives and priorities before proceeding...and we will only focus on the best course of action to satisfy your needs. We combine the latest science and technology with highly skilled, dedicated people to bring the best packaging solutions.

Overview of Product Lines

Flexible Packaging - Products such as food-grade waxed and coated papers, foil and film laminations and cold seal or heat seal coated substrates. Our customer-oriented initiative has enabled us to develop custom products to fit your precise needs. If it is twist wrappers, dry wax or wet wax coated and printed papers, butter wrap, popsicle wrap, hot melt coatings, ice cream packaging or interfold paper that you need, we can determine the total best solution to accommodate your packaging needs.

Medical Packaging - Products such as bandage wrappers, heat seal and cold seal coated paper, cohesive coated film and other sterile packaging. One attribute that sets us aside is our ability to complete a vast array of processes at one location. This allows Bomarko to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs, allowing for faster delivery of a finished product at a very competitive price.

Patty Paper - Bomarko began over 40 years ago converting large rolls of waxed paper into small squares used to separate meat patties. Today, our patty paper division includes a vast array of waxed, coated and printed papers converted for a variety of uses including separating meat and poultry, cheese, bakery and MAP Systems.

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